Top 50 "InstaGirl" Accounts on Instagram: Sophia Marie Gumina

Sophia Marie Gumina @misssophiamarie

One of my favorite parts about modeling and shooting all the time is the people I meet. I love listening to other models and photographers stories about how they got where they are now, funny moments they’ve had, their incredible experiences, people they’ve met and worked with, places they’ve gone…I love meeting new people and building new, positive relationships. Although modeling has a lot to do with vanity, the way you look and sometimes even portrays superficiality…to me it’s a lot more than just taking photos. Some of the work I’ve done lately (that none of you have seen yet) has a more artistic feel to it. I’m not perfect and being a lingerie/swimwear/instagram model isn’t my life goal but I love the people and experiences it has brought and continues to bring to my life…and that matters to me more than anyone else’s opinion of who I am…because I know how wonderful I am on the inside and only I have the right to judge myself. I am a fairly private person and no one knows my life experiences like I do. I’ve gotten my degree, I’ve had a “real” job and right now I’m still figuring MY life out…I am so thankful for my handful of friends and family who love and accept me for who I am…bigger things are coming ♥️ stay along for the ride or don’t, but don’t judge me when you haven’t walked a day in my shoes 👌🏼 | 📷 @bcphotography_

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Top 50 “InstaGirl” Accounts on Instagram: O L I V I A